Pregnancy Counseling

We know you have a lot on your mind right now, and making sure that you have a place to talk openly about how you’re feeling is our top priority. Our professional counselors are here to listen and to help you sort through your thoughts about your pregnancy and your options—without judgment. Your counselor will listen to everything you have to say and will be there just for you. She won’t persuade you to make a certain decision about your pregnancy, but she will pay attention to your thoughts and emotions regarding each option and reflect back to you what she hears.  Sometimes, it can be helpful to hear yourself without all of the extra noise of what other people or your circumstances are telling you. A Caris counselor can help you focus and identify themes that continue to come up in while you sort through this challenging decision.


Many women who have come to Caris have told us that being able to talk with a counselor—to share their concerns, to say anything they wanted to say—was helpful to them as they thought about their options. We want you to experience this, too. We want you to feel valued and understood so that you have everything you need to make a decision about what you want to do. At Caris, you are welcome to come and talk with your counselor as often as you would like while you work through your feelings about your pregnancy—all for free. Everything you share with your counselor will be completely confidential, so you can feel safe and secure while talking with her.

Quotes from Our Clients

  • “Being able to talk with a counselor made me feel a lot better. I could talk to someone I could trust and who supported any decision that I made, who wouldn’t force me one way or another. She was really open to anything I had to say.”
  • “They really focus on making you feel welcome even when it seems like the rest of the world just turned their back on you.”

Counseling Topics

Our counselors are experts in meeting the unique emotional needs involved in an unplanned pregnancy. You can talk to your counselor about anything. Below are a few common topics that come up with our counselors.

Our counselors

All of our counselors have master’s degrees in counseling or social work. You can expect professional services. You can also expect someone who will welcome you, treat you with respect, and genuinely care about you. All our counselors are women.

Watch this short, 1-minute video to find out from real women what to expect when you come to Caris.

Client Stories


“Being able to talk to a counselor made me feel a lot better. I could talk to someone I could trust and who supported any decision that I made and wasn’t biased, trying to force me one way or the other. She was open to anything I had to say and didn’t judge me at all. Caris really focuses on making you feel welcomed even though you feel like the rest of the world has turned its back on you.”

“When I went to Caris, it wasn’t what I was expecting. I actually imagined a doctor’s office and a lot of judging looks, but the receptionist was smiling at me. It eased my nerves. The counselor came and met me and led me to a room in the back and started asking me questions. Instead of asking me, ‘What do you want to do?’—that’s what everyone was asking me—she said, ‘What do you need?’ I didn’t feel alone anymore.”