Free ultrasounds are now available if you have a positive pregnancy test at Caris.

Caris offers free ultrasounds for women who have a positive pregnancy test, and are not yet receiving prenatal care. Our ultrasounds are performed by a Licensed Registered Nurse and can give you more information about your pregnancy, including:

  • Finding Out How Far Along You Are in Your Pregnancy
  • Determining the Health of the Pregnancy

What to Expect

We will invite you to come to Caris and take a free pregnancy test.  If your test is positive, your counselor will assist you in setting up an Appointment for a Free Ultrasound at our Chicago Loop or South Barrington Location. 

Our ultrasounds are painless and discreet.  They are performed in a private ultrasound room. A counselor will be present with you during the ultrasound and if you’d like, you can also bring a friend or family member.

Next Steps

After your ultrasound is complete, your counselor will be available to answer any questions and help you process your next steps.