Health Insurance

Come to Caris for your confirmation of pregnancy, and we will complete the Online Application to provide you with Free Health Insurance, right in our office.

Caris is now an authorized Moms & Babies Insurance application site, providing Free Health Insurance for eligible Pregnant Women.

This Insurance Program is offered through the State of Illinois, and is designed specifically to serve pregnant women. This insurance is available to eligible women from the beginning of pregnancy, and continues until a child is 1 year old.

How You Access Free Health Insurance through Caris:

  1. Come into Caris for a free pregnancy test
  2. A certified professional will confirm your pregnancy
  3. Your counselor will complete the online application with you

Please bring the following documents with you in order to complete your application:

1. Proof of Citizenship and Identity if you are a U.S. Citizen (when possible)

  • U.S. Passport or
  • Certificate of Naturalization or
  • Certificate of Citizenship or
  • Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate or
  • Driver’s License or
  • State-Issued ID Card or
  • Social Security Card

2. Proof of Illinois Residency

  • Identification Card or
  • Utility Bill or
  • Piece of Mail w/ Your Name and Home Address listed on it

3. Proof of Income (received within the last 30 days)

  • Copy of One Pay Stub or
  • Verification of Tips Received or
  • Employer Statement (indicating gross income amount and dated within 2 months of the application month)
  • Copies of Checks for Child Support Received or
  • Copies of Award Letters for Unemployment/Social Security/Veteran’s benefits or
  • Proof of Income from Trusts/Rental Property or Other Income

What is “Moms & Babies”?

Moms & Babies is a program through the state of Illinois for pregnant women and their children. Moms & Babies pays for both outpatient and inpatient hospital services for women while they are pregnant, and for 60 days after the child is born. It also covers services for the first year of the baby’s life, if the mother is covered by Moms & Babies when the baby is born. There are no co-payments or premiums required for Moms & Babies.

If you already have MPE, it is important to apply for Moms & Babies, too. MPE is temporary and pays for only outpatient services. With Moms & Babies, all healthcare services will be covered while you are pregnant, and for 60 days after your baby is born.

How long can I get services from Moms & Babies?

You may be able to get coverage for services beginning up to 3 months before you apply. You can receive services throughout your pregnancy and for 60 days after you have your baby. If you have Moms & Babies when your baby is born, your baby can get All Kids Insurance for one year.