Standing on the Promises of God


As Caris continues to provide a safe place of healing, hope and restoration in Chicago, we remain faithful to our commitment to serve every woman with the grace, acceptance and support she needs for her and her child to thrive. To fulfill that commitment, we seek your support.

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Thank you for standing with us in this critical time as we stand on God’s promises for this ministry. We could not do this important work without the faithful prayers and support of partners like you!


Through a counselor’s eyes…


Sabrina* already knew she was pregnant when she came to Caris…

She came in for counseling because she needed a safe place to process everything she was going through surrounding her pregnancy. She didn’t know how she felt or what decision she would make. Everyone told her that an abortion would be best, but she wasn’t so sure.

She trusted me with her story.

As a professional counselor, I validated her feelings. I asked questions. I listened. I encouraged. At the end of our time, she thought she wanted to parent. We made a follow up appointment and told her I’d talk to her soon.

I didn’t hear from her.

She missed her next appointment and several weeks passed. When she finally came back, she told me another story.

She had started to think that maybe everyone else had been right – maybe abortion was the best option. She scheduled an appointment for an abortion at a women’s health clinic. She was upset when she got there – and more upset when she left. She couldn’t go through with it, and they hadn’t been kind.

We had another counseling session and she received an ultrasound. She found courage, clarity and strength. She finally knew what she wanted.

She decided to parent. 

Today, Sabrina is in her third trimester and is excited to welcome her daughter before Christmas. Together, they are beginning a new story that Caris was privileged to be part of.

I am passionate about my work at Caris because I’m able to provide a safe place for women to not only process their feelings about pregnancy and motherhood, but also feel empowered to become better versions of themselves. I love being able to share the grace I’ve received from God.

I’m so grateful for all the people who support Caris because it truly impacts the futures of the women and children we serve.

– Kristin, Caris Counselor


*name and details changed to protect client confidentiality

At Caris, we have the privilege of claiming God’s promises of hope and restoration on behalf of the women and children we serve, as well as the partners and volunteers who faithfully support us.