What does this mean for my future?

That’s a tough question and the answer is different for everyone. No one knows the future. But we can tell you that Caris is here with ongoing support for you as you think through your pregnancy options and make this important decision. Women tell us that it is helpful to talk things through with a counselor, regardless of what decision they are considering. Our counselors will talk with you about what’s going on in your life and how you feel about the options available to you—parenting, abortion, and adoption.

There are many things to consider and everyone’s story is different. We are committed to doing whatever we can to help you as you work through what this means for your future.

Caris is also committed to helping you be able to still accomplish all of your hopes and dreams. A Caris counselor can speak with you about those dreams and help you to overcome any possible hurdles to making those dreams a reality.

If you have more questions, our counselors are available. Please contact us.

What Our Clients Have Said

“Being able to talk with a counselor made me feel a lot better. I could talk to someone I could trust and who supported any decision that I made, who wouldn’t force me one way or another. She was really open to anything I had to say.”

“They really focus on making you feel welcome even when it seems like the rest of the world just turned their back on you.”