What is an Abortion?

Abortion is a procedure that terminates an established pregnancy. There are two main types of abortion provided in Illinois. A Medical Abortion induces an abortion through the prescription of medications and generally can be done until 9 weeks gestation. (http://www.arhp.org)

A Surgical Abortion is a procedure that may be referred to as suction aspiration, suction curettage, or vacuum aspiration. In this procedure, the cervix is dilated in order to suction out the fetus and placenta. In Illinois, a surgical abortion can be performed until 24 weeks gestation. Women under the age of 18 can consent to an abortion but an adult family member must be notified before the abortion is performed, unless a judge provides a waiver. Please note this information was provided by Americanpregnancy.org and guttmacher.org.

Our professional counselors are trained to listen and ask helpful questions as you make your decision. Some things to think about when you are considering abortion are:

  • Your feelings about abortion
  • The pros and cons about considering abortion
  • Your thoughts on what kind of support you might need after an abortion

Whether you are completely decided on choosing abortion for your pregnancy or if you are just considering it as an option, our counselors are available to listen to your thoughts and feelings about abortion and discuss any concerns you may have. Your counselor will give you space to process and talk through any and all of your questions or thoughts.

Considering Abortion?