What are your Connection Groups like?

A Caris Connection Group is a safe, accepting, and empowering community of women who help each other thrive during and after an unexpected pregnancy. It’s a place to be yourself, ask questions, and talk things through with other women who are in a similar stage of life. Women tell us that one of the greatest challenges they face with an unexpected pregnancy is that friends and family often can’t relate to what they are going through. This can leave them feeling isolated or alone.

But in a Connection Group, you can find a place to be heard and listen to others. It’s a time in your day when no one is giving advice or lots of information on what you should do. Instead, it’s a place where women come together to share their stories and be heard with no judgment. Each session is 10 weeks long, meets once a week, and is led by a trained Caris facilitator. She guides the conversation, so the group is a safe place for you to hear the stories of other women and to share your own experiences. Through each session, women learn and grow together, build friendships, and develop a whole new system of support—the group is a place to connect and belong.

Click to learn more about our Connection Groups. If you have more questions or would like to join a group, please contact us.