Do you provide abortions?

Caris is a professional counseling agency and not a medical provider; therefore, we do not provide abortions. We would recommend that any medical decision, including decisions about abortion, should be discussed with a medical professional. Your counselor can refer you to a reputable medical provider if you do not already have a doctor.

Many women come to Caris first because they have not yet confirmed a pregnancy and do not know how far along they may be. After a positive pregnancy test, your counselor will give you an estimated due date to determine how far along you are based on the date of your last period. Our clients tell us that it is helpful to talk things through with a counselor, regardless of what decision they are considering. Our counselors will talk with you about what’s going on in your life and how you feel about the options available to you—parenting, abortion, and adoption.

If you have more questions, our counselors are available. Please contact us.