Do you do urine or blood pregnancy tests? Do I get my results the same day?

Our free pregnancy tests are urine tests, and you will receive your results within a few minutes. The urine tests we provide are obtained through a medical distributor and are 99% accurate. Our tests are the same quality as a pregnancy test you would receive at your doctor’s office.

Your counselor will meet with you to answer any questions and then provide you with a pregnancy test. This test takes about two minutes. You will receive the results in a private setting and talk with your counselor about how you are feeling about the outcome of the test.

We know that the results of a pregnancy test can initiate an emotional response if the pregnancy is unexpected. Many of our clients tell us that it is helpful for our counselors to be with them and support them in whatever it is they are feeling in that moment.

If you have more questions, our counselors are available. Please contact us.