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Why Caris

Caris is an oasis of acceptance and support where you can be yourself, ask questions and talk things through.

We focus on your unique emotional needs by providing free professional counseling.

Why counseling? As we’ve listened to thousands of women, we’ve learned the best way to support them is to help them understand their feelings first—regardless of the decision they make. We love to see women leave Caris more hopeful and confident. We want the same for you.

“Being able to talk with a counselor made me feel a lot better. I could talk to someone I could trust and who supported any decision that I made, who wouldn’t force me one way or another. She was really open to anything I had to say”.

The Support You Need

Maybe you’re feeling pressured to make a decision—even by well-meaning friends or family. This can feel as if you and all your other needs are being overlooked.

With so much on your mind during this time in your life, we want to give you the space and support you need to process your emotions and thoughts.

Understanding how you feel is the first step to knowing what you want.

After counseling, you will have more clarity about your options. Your counselor can help you make a plan for your next steps.

Counselor Voices

“It’s Important To Talk To a Counselor…”


I work at Caris because no woman should stand alone. I am here to listen when maybe no one else has taken the time. I’ll remind you of your dreams and be present with you.

I think it’s important to talk to a counselor because while you might have thought about how this will affect your family and those you love, you might not have taken the time to think about what you really want. Having someone to talk to who will really listen to you and support you no matter what can make all the difference.

Erin Davis, Caris Counselor

“We care about you – no matter what.”


I work at Caris because I truly believe in what we do. We care about you—no matter who you are or what you decide to do.

I think it’s important for you to have the chance to talk to someone about what is going through your mind and to talk about what you want to do. Other people may want to give you their opinion, but as a counselor I’m here to listen and give you a place to talk where no one will judge you. I want you to feel cared for and respected.

Natalie Stage, Caris Counselor