What is Pro-Grace®?

Caris is Pro-Grace®.

Pro-Grace® is about aligning with God’s response to unplanned pregnancy. It’s a response to unplanned pregnancy and abortion that transcends political platforms based on two theological beliefs: God’s design of pregnancy and God’s path for transformation.

Who We Are

We are a movement of Christian individuals and churches. We commit to working for the positive future of both women and children by:

  • Extending the same grace we’ve received to all women facing an unexpected pregnancy
  • Offering support to women and children during and after the pregnancy
  • Asking others to join us, so our churches are known for being safe places to receive help

Our Theological Pillars

1. God’s Design for Pregnancy

Our current political debate attempts to bypass God’s design of pregnancy, with each side focusing primarily on one person in the relationship. But while our culture argues politics, the real problem gets ignored: the negative cultural narrative for women who are single and pregnant unexpectedly. That story revolves around panic, isolation, and shame.

These feelings and this negative story lead many women to believe they have only two options: abortion, or overwhelming struggle as a mom.

2. God’s Path for Transformation

But God presents another option. His solution–the way He tells a new story–is grace. Condemnation or self-effort never bring genuine transformation for any of us; only His grace does.

When women experience grace (specifically acceptance and support), it challenges the negative story that tells them they have to choose between abortion and overwhelming struggle as a mom.  The Caris Pro-Grace Model is designed to create communities of acceptance and support for women through two ways: Pregnancy Services and Training Programs.

Become Pro-Grace®

We believe this movement needs to take place in the hearts of individuals as well as the Church as a whole. Here are a few steps you can take as an individual to become Pro-Grace®.