Pro-Grace® Movement

Why Pro-Grace?

God’s heart of compassion for women and children and His solution to the abortion issue can never be fully expressed through a political platform. He calls His people to dream bigger and reflect His Kingdom on earth. We can change the conversation and follow His way of bringing hope and life.

What We Believe

  • God’s design for pregnancy—God chooses to bring life into the world through the intertwining of a woman and child. He has made it impossible for us to help one while bypassing the other. His desire is that both will thrive during and after an unexpected pregnancy.
  • God’s plan for transformation—The way God transforms all of our lives is through His grace. When women experience shame and judgment from others, they can feel that their only options are abortion or overwhelming struggle as a mom. Grace breaks the power of judgment and starts to ignite hope.

Who We Are

We are a movement of Christian individuals and churches. We commit to working for the positive future of both women and children by:

  • Extending the same grace we’ve received to all women facing an unexpected pregnancy
  • Offering support to women and children during and after the pregnancy
  • Asking others to join us, so our churches are known for being safe places to receive help

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