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Caris is Pro-Grace®. We believe that God’s desire for both women and children to thrive transcends the limitations of political arguments. Our vision is to see Christians rise up and extend a grace response so that women experience hope for their future and the futures of their children.

As this kind of grace is unleashed, God can rewrite the story of unplanned pregnancy and abortion in our culture. That’s why we extend acceptance and support to any woman facing an unexpected pregnancy—and why we equip local churches to do the same.

The Pro-Grace Movement

What does it mean to be Pro-Grace?

Have you ever felt confused, disillusioned, or frustrated with the pro-life, pro-choice debate? Do you believe that God’s plans for restoration are more compassionate and effective than any political platform can ever fully accomplish? Have you ever wished for a way to express God’s heart for both the woman and the child involved in an unexpected pregnancy?

At Caris, we began our journey wrestling with these thoughts and asking a whole lot of questions.

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How We Make a Difference

Stories of Life Transformation

Our culture paints a bleak future for women who continue an unexpected pregnancy. The message is often that she won’t be able to overcome the very real challenges of being a single mom and, as a result, both she and her child will become a statistic. This stereotype is so negative that it causes many women to feel that their only two options are abortion, or overwhelming struggle as a mom.

At Caris, women experience a totally different story every day—a story of grace and support that injects hope into what can feel like a very dark time. See the impact that has on both the woman and the child.

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Church Training Programs

Become Pro-Grace as a Community

Caris offers resources for both individuals and churches to start on the Pro-Grace journey.

  • “I’ve never heard this topic approached from this standpoint before.”
  • “This opened doors for our church to really start the conversation”
  • “I’m very thankful to hear a message that abortion is about more than just politics and instead expressing this as ‘What is God’s heart?’”
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